An ESC student fails BE-U

Once again, lightening struck Kedge Business school: A student fails her BE-U coaching and consequently doesn’t validate the major. An unprecedented cataclysm arousing a wave of indignation; «How could we possibly miss BE-U?» The question’s burning eveybody’s lips. Captain Jack investigates on this burlesque-tinted melodrama.


A coaching which turns sour


Nothing could have predicated such a dramatic ending for Charlotte Guillet. The excentric blond becomes a living legend in Kedge for having to catch up BE-U. An historical event unleashing passions and in turn, raising astonishment and incomprehension among Kedgers. «It is simply impossible, even with the greatest will in the world, one cannot fail this major» declared Cécile Fallot, outraged by this «shameless prowess».

Mere formality in the eyes of the students, BE-U coaching is an opportunity to take stock of one’s future plans. Missed opprtunity for Charlotte. The student had yet put the best odds on her side by thoroughly filling out her PPP1 on the slaughter’s eve, as it has always been done.

Pragmatic, the one concerned is currently trying to find an explanation: « Perhaps, my lack of ambition damaged my credibility… I guess that having missplelled my name has also rushed my downfall… » she confessed.

For her coach, the sentence is crucial and falls like a cleaver : « Charlotte did not integrate the BE-U concept» he said gravely. «No one can claim to pass this exam and ignore the three overarching values » he continued, deeming that the young trendy girl failed to grasp all the subtleties of the course.


The administration in the eye of the storm.


Real snub to conventions,  Charlotte Guillet’s failure shatters a perfectly-oiled organization: « The possiblity of a ‘’catch up’’ has never been considered, the failure of this young student raises intractable problems » says Hervé Berneul. By committing the unthinkable, Charlotte’s name has gone down in History and is already resting in Kedge’s pantheon. Please feel free to send her your best wishes for recovery :



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