A student falls asleep in a lecture hall and wakes up three days later.

Wednesday – The news bursted just like a bombshell in Kedge Business School: A first year business student girl has been found in a lethargic state right in middle of the A lecture hall.

Specialists believe that Manon Deherre’s inert body was lying there for approximately 3 days when a maintenance technician rescued her: “I found Miss Deherre in a state of deep coma. I therefore harnessed all my abilities in order to resuscitate her. Quadruple bypass, blood transfusions, checking out the levels… Nothing to do about it, the girl remained unconscious; she must have taken really strong narcotic pain medication.” Explains René Godard apparently taken aback by the news.

Olivier Pelazza held liable.

Captain Jack’s informants ensure that Manon Deherre fell asleep while Olivier Pelazza was giving a lecture on the creation of a company (Monday the 13th of January). The one concerned strongly rejects the accusations. He refuses to shoulder responsibility and stirs up scandal « This is outrageous; it is full of complete rubbish and nonsense. Obviously the guilty ones are Jean Noël Schneider and his philosopher’s stone » replies mighty Doge vehemently. « I nearly fell into coma during his lecture as well » he added.

A narcoleptic showing a rarely found power.

For her part, the victim still a little dizzy expresses herself : « I don’t know much about these kinds of medication, especially sleeping pills or psychotropic substances, but I’m pretty sure that this lecture is much stronger than some Stilnox »  she solemnly declared to interviewers of La Provence (local newspaper). « I began to feel unwell right from the start, Olivier Pelazza’s nagging voice has a dark hypnotic power, it is an unshakable certainty » she added. Although this melodrama seems to be riddled with some burlesque intonations, it has aroused many complaints and reactions within the school. Its administration plans to set up a « free coffee » day for the next lecture on “creation of a company”, this measure might be a welcome remedy for the students…

Victor G.

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