Stromae, humble and brilliant poet

This Belgian poet is said to be following in Jacques Brel’s footsteps. He associates words of an impressive reality with irresistible techno-hip hop rhythms. His work is successful and subtly pleasant.

His real name is Paul Van Haver and his pseudonym maestro with inverted syllables (maestro is the Italian word for master in the highest level of artistic creation), common to French verlan or backward slang. It shows that he belongs to the young generation. He blends societal topics and personal difficulties he has been through with his music influences: rap, electro, hip hop and Rwandan rhythms. He sings of missing fathers, monotony in the couple, illness and the consequences of social networks, all with humility and modesty.

His rhymes are delightful and catchy, managing to highlight his ideas with brilliance and talent. Figurative devices of poetry, among them the use of multiple points of view, give a depth and personality to the rapped text. Stromae’s character is also highly elaborated: a tall, skinny young man, an innocent looking dandy.

Melancholic, funny, Stromae moves us through his skilful and clever forms of sentences. But not only is the text of great quality, the music in itself is also very elaborated and innovative. Electro sounds are combined with Cuban and African rhythms for our greater pleasure: we cannot help wanting to dance as soon as we hear it! Success story!

Numbers and dates

3 titles of Stromae’s new album “Racine Carrée” are in the French top 50 most popular songs: Tous les mêmes (all the same, referring to men), Formidable (Wonderful) and Papaoutai (where are you, Daddy?). What’s more, Papaoutai has had 652 329 views on Youtube to date.

Stromae will be in concert at the Dome of Marseille on the 30th of April and the 21st of October this year. Don’t miss these events!


 Jade Heyman

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