THIS IS WHY UKRAINIANS HAVE BIGGER BALLS THAN YOU – And here is why you should act like they do

Ukraine: blue & yellow flag,  top models, Andriy Chevtchenko, home country of the FEMEN movement. Is that all this state reminds you of? If yes you better open your eyes and ears: Ukrainians citizens are giving us a lesson of good citizenship.

As I write these lines, my host city faces chaos: asking for an income raise, Marseille’s labor unions have decided to block the gates of public transportation means hangars. Meanwhile, in the other side of Europe, a nation struggles to be heard and acknowledged by the reste of the world. As the country seemed on the verge of joining the European Union (EU), Viktor Ianoukovitch’s government changed his mind and submitted himself to the pressures coming from Russia which didn’t really appreciate to see its “little brother” going away with the West.  If for Ukraine’s youth, only the EU could guarantee the country’s long-term wish of  independence, the ruling class mainly constituted by oligarchs has definitely turned its back on these ambitions. Consequences have followed, and protesters now occupy “Maïdan”, also called Independence Square since two weeks.

As we all know, leading a political contestation movement ain’t that easy. I will not depict here the physical harms that had to bear our brothers and sisters from Kiev, when their leaders ordered the repression of the popular strike.
Here, I would like to honor their courage, good will and determination. Students fighting to give their country a chance to exist according to their ideals. Journalists who would rather getting their asses bet up instead of giving up on their pictures of policemen exactions.
At Captain Jack, we are aware of how lucky we are when we use our freedom of speech without being slightly in trouble;

Do we deserve it?

Our generation does not know the meaning of censorship. Our closest elders never had to fight for these basic rights such as freedom of expression, or political liberty. In facts, the last French persons remaining to ever have taken part in such a fight are today old enough to belong to the ruling  class… Ironic isn’t it?

It is very easy to take liberty for granted when you have never been deprived of it. For this reason, I would like to repeat how important political and citizen commitments are to our generation.  Do not wait for your leaders to abuse their prerogatives. Neither should you wait for some providential dude to show up and save your country, that would be such a French mistake!


For the people who do not live in a democratic country de facto, Europe symbolizes the hope for liberty, democracy and modernity. Therefore, dear readers, I invite you to hoist the European flag (even if you’re from somewhere else than Europe), would that be only in a parcel of your juvenile mind, to support your Ukrainians brothers, who now struggle to have an access to what most of you take for granted. We should never forget that “As long as mankind in its entirety isn’t free, none of us will ever be”.

Axel G.

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