The school’s student Bar is back ! – How about some good vibes right in your school?

For the past months, the school’s bar was closed. It lost all its great atmosphere, only haunted by a few members working hard to put it back on its feet.  In facts, if the Bar once disappeared, it was rather to guarantee its comeback than any other purpose.
Although beer indeed  was one of its main success, the bar has a lot more to offer. It is meant to be a place of meets & greets, a place for exchanges between students, one of the only student association place open to everyone. To sum it up the simple way, it is meant to be a bar.

That being said, it is true that changing of business model wasn’t that easy, especially with deadlines. Nothing but the time needed to find that new business model, get in touch with new  suppliers with more attractive products, new animations for you guys. Basically the time needed to completely renew the Bar.

What’s going to change:

-No more beer… But screw it, the Bar has more to offer! Enjoy the new flavors of coffee or tea which are to be consumed without moderation!

-From a bar to a cultural coffee: Sponsored by the Bureau of Arts, many animations will take place including musical jams, theatrical improvisation contests, photographic exhibitions..

-And much more coming soon… To know about it please visit it!


What’s NOT going to change:


-It will still stay a warm and comfy place to chill out with friends during free time

-It will still offer the cheapest prices of Marseille

-It will still include a team of  smiling (although a bit insane) people to serve you

-It will still allow students to dance on crappy 80’s songs on the bar itself, and this with some of the most crazy girls this school can offer!

 Kevin C. 

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