Marseille on strike!

Dear readers, if you haven’t got the luxury to wander downtown in Marseille driving a desirable sport’s  car that makes you feel a real hipster, then you might enjoy getting aboard the bus 21, daily.

Or should I say « have enjoyed »  because the strike is lingering since a week now and it cripples the all bus network, affects our own lives, and eventually it tends to be turning to the unbearable. Remember the yelling crowd at peak time, the sweet smell of urine mixed with fresh sweat, the great struggle to find a square centimeter where you could stand. Remember too, these endless hours standing still next to stinky yokels. This may make you guys’ mouths water and it’s quite legitimate.

When strikes and exams are both involved

Living through one whole Survivor episod is absolutely nothing compared to the eternal wait for a bus to come while knowing itwon’t. How many hours have you spent looking ahead, eyes and heart filled with hope ? You will eventually agree with the fact that it is better to be piled up just like we do with the cattle than to scan the horizon on Boulevard Michelet. Moreover, just as though our lives were not too miserable, the exam period and the RTM strike take place at the exact same time. Car sharing, taxi, autostop, all the imaginable is taken into account in order to counteract the RTM strikes. It becomes even more important eversince the exams do not go on strike, and more particulary the 500 euros caution in case of failure… The brightest amongst us will surely camp in the Luminy forest and enjoy the rest of what is left of Chamallows from the OB class. I offer my old baggy pants, my pictures of Modolo Geneviève, three bogies, the ultimate Patrick Bruel’s CD, and even Nicolas Gross-Waechter, but give us back our bus!

A local made strike

Capital of culture, capital of the crime, and today capital of strike, Marseille reaches its climax! French speciality recently on downward cycle, now reveals its come back starting in Marseille. Yet, may the people rest assured that this is only the beginning, the worst is still to come. Increase in VAT on household trash (January first), may arouse some discontent : hangover stenches, foul smelling of rotten eggs and of squeezed rats, the « cité phocéenne » continues to impress, on and on . Stay tuned.

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