Christmas’ bal

We girls, have always dreamed of being part of a fairy tale, to wear our most spectacular dress and meet with the prince charming. The Christmas’ bal was exactly that, exept for a few key details.


After dressing up in their finery, their majesties were expected on Place Castellane where a mighty carriage called « navette » had to escort them to the palace, the florida palace. Once on site, they engaged conversation about any topic : the representatives of the different kingdoms attending the party, the place, the restrooms. All the ladies were observing each other’s attire, talking about the evening gown one is wearing or what hairstyle did one chose, in order to decide which one of them would be granted the honor of being generally acknowledged as the prettiest tonight. Even Kings and Queens of Bordeaux, a very distant land from Marseille, have come, as well as the princely crown of Toulon ; 6OO people attended this magnificent Christmas bal.

Concerning the palace, many were disappointed because it generally lacked of elegance and of pomp. Indeed, the previous reception of our hosts, queen gala and king BDE, took place in another castle, far greater and more gorgeous.

The party went on smoothly. We had the opportunity to taste the buffet filled with absolute delights and royal delicacies. Scallop, foie gras, salmon, all was conducive to glutonny. Furthermore, in order to entertain us, our hosts brought troubadours : a gymnast girl as well as the royal orchestra. Then, the bal really started, each one began to join the dance floor and linger with a « waltz », sticking with the hard beat until the sun rises. Some princesses eventually met the Prince charming during the party as the peints of the great peintor « mars eyes » reveal.

On first daylights, exhausted and begining to have sore feet  thanks to the « glass slipper » for the ladies, their majesties went back on the carriages and left for their respective kingdoms to make fairy dreams.

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