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In the year 2013, while the Gallic people was peacefully enjoying its flourishing economy, its dear reigning monarch decided to allocate a tiny fraction of its current budget, an amount of approximately 300 million sesterciums (the ancient Gallic currency), in order to launch the national innovation contest. Its purpose is to reward  companies putting forth innovating projects with 200000 euros and the most promising ones with a maximum of 2 million euros.


In fact, at the time, I was absolutely astonished to be aware of this contest. First of all, exactly like my fellow citizens,  I remained quite sceptical and asked myself where did all this money come from… The Government and the media immediately satisfied our curiosity by telling us that it all came from public funds (although they keep on saying we have no funds left.. weird story).


Anyway I think that it is « regrettable » that our government realizes only today the critical importance the innovation and research sector represent in a global way. Yet, France has a highly developed and succesful research program, which still doesn’t allow us to equal the leaders though. In my opinion, I think this contest will potentially show the reawakening of France, the gallic cockerel will be able to perform his rooster call once again! This contest surely adopts a more promising method by dangling a carrot (the price), which will encourage the companies to compete.

And this is where the bran new, wide ranging new economic actor comes in, better know as Kedge Business School.


Indeed, imagine if we were to harness all the imcomparable intellectual ressources and talents likely to be found in this school. What would we obtain ? Success, of course! Therefore, those who intend to establish a business and even those who commit themselves to an ambitious pro-act, this innovation contest should be taken into account, for you will not only contribute to the local development but also will you be rewarded for it henceforth.


In short, this contest might not be as desperate as it appeared to be. It is the opportunity to have a more concrete idea regarding the potential goals foreseen in a company. That’s all folks, you are now as much informed as I am, to use it or ignore it is up to you, I leave it to your great wisdom!


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