Marseille Capitale du Rap (MCR)


There are many daring and promising projects every year passing by the PRO ACT office. This month, we focused on a dynamic project, which tries to boost the RAP from Marseille (RAP culture of Marseille?). Captain Jack decided to meet the Marseille Capitale du RAP team (MCR), with Léo TAGAWA and Rémi FERNANDEZ from MCR.

Why MCR ? Where did the idea and the motivations come from?

The idea first comes from the PRO ACT, we had the opportunity to gain a professional experiment in a sector we love. We also used to read some articles about RAP and young talents, which led us to wonder why not us ? We also followed what ALAFO (an  association) was doing; they organized the same kind of events but with very limited means.  What motivated us the most was the lack of that kind of events in Marseille and above all, the fact that MP2013 (Marseille capital of European Culture) also excluded RAP despite its importance in the culture of Marseille. Because Marseille is also the capital of RAP, the capital of break ! (laughing)

What were your purposes when you began this project?

First of all, we were two different teams with the same idea. We were gathered thanks to Mr Pelazza who helped us to coordinate and merge our projects. At the beginning, we wanted to compete  the Urban Peace (Paris), But we had to review our purposes, and to set for goal the organization of a concert. Its happening the next 14th of December.

Could you tell us about your last tremplin (contest with young artists)?

About fifty young artists were there. We registered 283 visitors for 350 places in the concert hall. It was satisfying.  We had an elliptical public, from all generations and social backgrounds. There were about fifty kedgers. We also planned that the jury would be composed of Algerino and RPZ, but as the results of various impediments, we had to switch to a clapometer. We received a lot of support from ALAFO too, which helped us a lot for the organization.

You just became a commission of the Foyer, a very laudable initiative to link MCR to the school life, but why the Foyer?

Simply because it’s the center of the school life, it’s also the closest association regarding our values. This gathering brings diversified activities to the Foyer too, especially after losing beer selling license.

Your team, except new entrants, is only composed of Cesemed 1, between 18 and 20 years old. Was that a problem?

Sure, we all were motivated, and even if we faced coordination problems, eventually it was a very rewarding experiment for all of us. However the biggest handicap we noticed is the difficulties to sell door-to-door, because institutions and companies all refused to sponsor us because of the bad image of RAP they have.

What are your future projects?

For the new team, the purpose will be to create two or three tremplins (contests) before the Concert, and also to organize a concert once a month in the Foyer. We also expect them to make grow the project in the school and that they bring their own personal work.

Globally, how would you describe your MCR experiment?

It’s about good times and a great team spirit. It’s a very professionalizing experiment. This experiment brought us a lot, contacts in the event and music sectors, the opportunity to meet famous artists. We also learned values of sharing and supporting from RAP.

To conclude, can you tell us a good memory of MCR?

Léo: The best memory is the moment when you come into the concert hall, you are really not sure about the public’s answer, you see a full hall, it warms your heart.

Rémi: As for me, I really appreciated the night of the concert.  We even had apéro (aperitif) with the artists after, rapping all the evening long. It was memorable.

                                                                           Amine S.

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