About our associations corridor

In the jungle of Kedge, the associations corridor sleeps tonight!

As you may have noticed, it’s the end of our dear associations corridor. Meuh Meuh (junior business student association) already left us in late June, Accede, AGS and Unis-terre (associations) joined them.

Here comes the time of laughers and songs…

Well yes, it’s really over, we now have to cross the hole school to go impress our assignment at Meuh Meuh or go get a lighter at AGS. Some of our dear associations left us. The former spaces are now empty, we can even see major renovation work in Meuh Meuh’s former space. Eventually this space will be the PRO ACT office. A wonderful transparent sheet is fixed with orange tape. Wall, more or less, because the sheet didn’t really stayed glued to the floor. This departure was associated to a massive furniture sellout where AGS and Accede tried to give away all their stuff, even the roll of tape. Some pretty white posters were placed in front of their former spaces, so anyone can write an emotional goodbye message.


The former Meuh Meuh’s space would accommodate the PRO ACT office soon!

Creation of a business sector, they said.

The original idea would seem pretty attractive on paper: the administration wanted to put the most professional associations forward by installing them in new places in the center of the school. It’s true that the new locations are pretty damn good, above all the Junior business’ place. The Hall A is a little more welcoming, and we can met more people there than previously. But they weren’t put in the same corridor, therefore it’s is not the best for proximity, except to say hi through the window. Plus, all the warmth of the association corridor was lost: no more big colorful sign with pictures of the association’s members, not even a name on the door. If you don’t know where AGS or Accede are located, it’s hard to find them. We barely dare to knock on the door (well for Meuh Meuh it doesn’t change much from before…).

And a social sector, where Unis-terre feels a little alone…

But the worst off of all are our friends from Unis-terre! During the last Captain Jack’s snack sell (I hope you bought lots of cakes), we decided that the cakes would come to them since they were moved away. But I didn’t thought I’d find them at the 2d floor, all alone, at the end of an empty and sad corridor. Happily for them, Diambars and Phoenix would eventually join them.

And you, what do you think about it?

Jennifer, from Unis-terre: “That’s sad above all when we find ourselves isolated at the 2d floor, next to the administration”


Jessica, from Mars Eyes: “It’s sad to see those places empty, the corridor lose a part of his life. I think that’s a shame…”

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