Kedge of Thrones VS Most Want’Edge

In Kedge Business School, students are represented by a highly important and distinct group: the Bureau des élèves (Students Office). They are the ones giving your school years a soul. Whether they are white, black, blond , happy, anxious, determined,  willing to do anything they apply for the Office. Kedge of Thrones and Most Want’Edge. The two teams will compete for around then days to get the biggest number of votes. Between rallies (a mission given by students or associations to the applicants), before party and party themselves, they’ll do everything to gain your favor. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, you’re welcome. Here are their stories.

Captain Jack: Why applying to the Students Office?

Most Want’Edge: We like our school and we want to make it even better as well as serving our fellow students. We want to claim our values which are oneness, team spirit and respect for all. Finally, we want the student to have a blast during their school years.

Kedge of Thrones: We dare to think differently. Applying for the Office really is a unique experience. For ten days, you live at two hundred per cent.  Unlike other student associations, we are able to compete with our buddies.

CJ: Can you give us more details about your program?

MWE: We want the bounds between student associations to be even stronger than ever before, by organizing  inter-associations events, such as the soccer game made up by Diambars. We also want to get closer in touch with the campus of Bordeaux and create a Student Office which could handle the merge between our two schools.

We are willing to create new stuff for you students (Despite our questions, they wouldn’t let us know what this new stuff was. Check their Internet Website!).
And finally, we want to create something similar to the previous years Integration Week-End. We have the feeling that the loss of this important event decreased the school-students bound.
We plan to have three days here in Marseille just to show the newcomers around the city, with the help of older students. Such days would take place before the back to school week but after the admission date.

And one last thing: we plan to develop a partnership with Uni-Terre (the sustainable development  student association ) to help students doing their internship in Africa and help this continent to develop itself.

KOT:  We know that working at the Student Office gives us a special relationship to the school’s administration. Being a member of the Office allows us to work toward a better student life on campus.  We also want to bring the student association together, increase the number of events on campus, and also give more attention to students who are not part of an association.

CJ: What are your perks/weaknesses?

MWE: We are a really strong group of friends, all of us are over-motivated and we have been planning to apply since The Quest.

Our weakness might be the fact that we are too perfectionist. Everytime we think that “we can get do better” and we end up arguing on pointless details which can be time consuming..

KOT: Perks: (the general secretary instantly brings her speech up) “I think I am our best perk” (the whole team laughs). Seriously tough, we are a real group of friends that took some time to form but we are all coming from different places and are different ourselves which is a strength. Also, our president is really good. About our weaknesses, we probably have too much girls in the team (Laughs again). Okay, from times to times a small part of the team has to get a boost from the rest the keep on.

CJ: What is your program about student missions and parties?

KOT: We will offer to complete missions in various themes: before party, house cleaning, French cuisine, massage, MacDonald’s, school breakfasts and random animations on campus. We have three cars and a scooter so we can be as mobile as needed. We are getting ready to serve the students at our best.

MWE: We will have various missions:  Valentine’s Day (a rose and a song), Birthday , Hangover (Painkillers and breakfast), and Condoms. We have three cars and two scooters in order to bring you what you need as fast as possible.

CJ: Why should we vote for you guys?

MWE:  Well first, if you don’t vote for us, everything we did would be pointless (laughs). Seriously, we are highly motivated, constantly thinking about how to make our school better. We have expectations just like everyone. We don’t apply simply for “Working at the Office”.

KOT: We have good feedbacks from student associations who seem to like us. We are very imaginative and creative. There is a strong solidarity between each of us, and we would like it to shine on the rest of the school.

CJ: What are the roots of your team?

KOT: We are the product of a merge that occurred between two teams. We wanted to have an equality between boys and girls (the team is now composed of six dudes and five girls).  The lasts of us joined the team after an interview to check their motivation. We couldn’t afford to take the wrong person in the team.

MWE: At the beginning, everyone wanted to apply, so Mouss (president of this team) made everyone take on different tests to get to know them and to form a proper team. Some of us started discussing about applying during the very first presentation of the year!

CJ: Why this name?

KOT: The original idea was to use “Jackass” which would have turned into “Jackedge” but it was already used by the previous year’s team Fool Metal Jackedge. Then we went through “Eleven’Kedge” (from the movie Ocean’ Eleven) and then Mario Party Kedge…  But well, we are in a business school, we’re not here to play Mario games! General secretary adds “I actually liked that name!”

CJ: Which student association frightens you the most?

MWE: The school’s associative bar !!!

KOT:  The school’s bar is probably gonna be though, but we can’t wait to be there and meet the elderly.

CJ: What is your motto?

KOT: Brace Yourselves.

MWE: Kedge justice soit faite (Let there be justice)

CJ: Any last words?

MWE: Shotgun!

KOT: Cookie!

Guillaume D, Margaux B. et Baptiste A.

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